America Safer than Pre 9/11?

America safer than pre 9/11?

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Mr Bush, whilst talking about the foiled plot to blow up airliners said; "America is now safer than it was pre 9/11".

Is he talking out of his backside? Although not liked before (Kenyan embassy bombings, Bali, then 9/11 etc), surely afghanistan and iraq has helped fuel hatred of America (and the uk?)?
America itself is safer. The Middle East in general is a lot more dangerous. Hatred of America is manifesting itself elsewhere, as usual.

Bush may be saying this to talk up his popularity
Aviation, its all about aviation relate threats.
And will be untill sum one sails a small ship say 10,000 tons, Dead Wieght Load (don't know how they say it in nautical terms) and Kaboom, be same same that one that blew up in Canada and the other one in Bombay back in the 39-45 set to.
Told George has a Uni degree, way he speaks ya'd think he was uneucated as me.
If you've been through US Customs recently I think you'll agree that the USA is about as secure from internal terrorist air attack as humanly possible. No doubt there are high readiness air Defence sqns ready to deal with external air attack. I'd be surprised if the land and sea entry points were not more vigilantly guarded than pre 9-11. So bush isn't lying IMHO. The increased hatred of USA is a matter of conjecture; the septics were pretty much feared, envied and hated throughout the third world prior to 9-11, so if anything it's a matter of degree.
In answer to the post yes, security out there is tighter than a virgins whatsit however they still cannot do detail, don't listen, always think they are right, still believe the only two countres in the world are the good old US od A and that place called the Rest of the World and are still as retarded as they have always been. there are sme things you just will neevr change
Other than that they are very nice people :)

ANY argument that US Customs is safer now than it was pre 9/11 is complete carp! I travel to the US on business every couple of weeks and the security restrictions on their own people are as near as damn it non-existant.

Instead of looking at the queue you are in when you go through customs/immigration/security, look at the queue the US nationals are in. A lot of them are waved through without checks of any kind.

When it comes to security in US, they appear to have forgotten what there own people have done in the past (eg the Oaklahoma bombing).

The difference between us and them is that 9/11 was carried out by foreign nationals while 7/7 was carried out by our own people. There is an increasing swell of public opinion in USA that the next step will be something like 9/11 but carried out by US Nationals.

When this happens and they react to it, then you'll be able to say US Customs is safer.
I was on an RAF trooping flight (Tristar) to the States recently, that touched down at a US Military airport, and they absolutely got jobsworth.

Errrr hello? Military base, loads of British geezers in uniform, bloody great Tri-jet with ROYAL AIR FORCE painted down the side and you still want to do this?

The exit out of the States however, was far more relaxed.
The last time I went to the states was 15 months after 11/9 (9/11 is their way of denoting dates, the only thing that happened on 9/11 with me was a big party- that date in November being close to my birthday)

To get back on thread, as stated before the septics walked straight through with only a minor glance to prove their passports were real whilst it took me and the family one and a half hours to get through. Dulles airport sucks big C0cks. Come forward to Luton a month ago coming back from Barcelona. The queue for the Brits moved slower than an asthmatic sloth with a limp whilst the floppies were fired through.
250 People on the flight, 245 British get 1 Immigration gimp, whilst 5 Foreigners also get 1 Immigration gimp. Luckily it was only a ten minute wait this time but it still gripped my Sh1t.

As for America being safer I beleive they have a lot more trouble brewing over there from the locals rather than the non homegrown fanatics, have you seen those God bothering channels in the South, and the survivalist binlids in the north!!!!

Demons Out!!!

I'll get my coat then.

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