America reviews pregnancy policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wooger, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. Saw this. I have sympathy for the US Comdanders, but just how does it apply to men!?!

    A US Army general in northern Iraq has defended his decision to add pregnancy to the list of reasons a soldier under his command could face court martial.
    It is current army policy to send pregnant soldiers home, but Maj Gen Anthony Cucolo told the BBC he was losing people with critical skills.
    The new policy applies both to female and male soldiers, even if married.

  2. Good call.
  3. That is really fcuked up. I can't believe it has even been allowed. I can see the point for single, serving females but not for married soldiers. Why should their wives have to put their life on hold because some fcukwit says so. How the hell are they going to police it, accidents happen all the time, women can be devious if they want a baby they will have one, what about the people who are, or who's wives are already pregnant how does that work? Will soldiers be given a time frame in which pregnancy is acceptable? Will there be conception cut off dates? What about people undergoing fertility treatment?

    Ah fcuk it, no point getting outraged about something I can do fcuk all about.
  4. Err, because they are on tour? They chose to join the Army, and that includes putting your life on hold when on tour. Do you think my kids don't grow whilst I am away?

    Now imagine you are in theatre and your work load goes through the roof because out of the team you are in, one gets the sh1ts, one is injured in an IED and another gets up the duff....
  5. I'm guessing that the father will be done for getting them pregnant rather than getting pregnant
  6. What he says! Take 2 no9's and place between knees.
  7. Soldiers knowing they have a tour coming up have been procreating sometimes deliberately for years. For some reason in Bosnia a lot of the SNCO wifes were dropping mid tour. It was a tour nobody wanted to go on. A few admitted they did it deliberately.

    As for single serving soldiers getting preggers on tour or six months before tour should be charged. No such thing as accidents. You are meant to be responsible adults. You are putting a strain on manpower and resources.

    Be responsible.
  8. Agreed :wink:
    But when are you due back in cuckoo land?,it will never happen :lol:
  9. Definately in cuckoo land, the Human Rights lobby would make a fortune from it.
  10. Im talking about the bigger picture and individuals. What if you wanted a child and your Mrs was say, 40 and you couldn't afford to wait 21 months (12+9) to try to conceive. Its a long time to put on hold for and what if you have been trying for a child for a long period and then have to stop for the duration of the tour. These are the kind of things that have a massive impact on peoples lives, the Military has just as much of a responsibility for welfare.

    I think it is more acceptable for them to say that soldiers wives can have children but not expect to be allowed home for the birth and such, if operational commitments would be too affected by the absence. That way the responsibility is still on the soldiers. I still think female soldiers getting pregnant before a tour should be charged.

    Can I assume that "active service," as used in this article, means Iraq and Afghanistan, thus this rule would apply to people who get knocked up (and the people who knock them up) ON tour?

    Then this would really just be extra teeth to something that U.S. soldiers already know goddamn good and well is against the rules, would it not? You're not supposed to be fcuking around, and if you do, then have the sense to use contraception correctly.

    It can't be that hard to get condoms into Afghanistan, can it?
  12. Put all the f*ckers on a 252.
  13. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Erm now that is an awfully big subject. can someone move it to the Naafi?
  14. Not a popular opinion on here, but sending women on tour is a stupid idea in the first place if you ask me.
  15. Oh go on then, lets have a chat about that. Set up a new thread so as not to crayon on this one and lets have a proper Arrse debate that isn't Bugsy related.