America Pays Tribute To ARSE with Robot War Machine

My apologies if this has already been pointed out, but I couldn't find it using the search box...

Flying-rifle robocopter: Hovering sniper backup for US troops • The Register

Flying killer robots are numerous these days. The machine flyboys are mostly armed with relatively light and precise weapons, but still in the tank- or anyway vehicle-busting league. Now, however, there's a droid whirlybird in development which is armed only with a sniper rifle intended to fire single aimed shots.

The new issue of Popular Mechanics reports on the robosnipercopter, dubbed the Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System (ARSS)... The magazine says that the ARSS programme, underway since 2005 within the US Army's Aviation Applied Technology Directorate, is to enter flight tests this summer.

The goal of ARSS, as stated by the Army, is to produce a system "having the ability to accurately engage single point man sized targets with an airborne UAV ... [giving] the ground based soldier the ability to have a high-point survivable sniper at their disposal when needed. An airborne UAV can rapidly achieve lookdown angles and viewpoints required for sniper engagements, while controlled from the troop on the ground."

Among other significant projects to honour the British contribution to TWOT is the Walking Autonomous Neutral Killer (Emergency Response.) Named, obviously, after Tony Blair.

PS This may well be the only post I ever make here as I think you military types should have a place on the Interwebs of your own - but great forum, and thanks and good luck to everyone our idiotic government puts in harms way. My father served in Palestine and described very graphically how little fun being shot at is, especially when you can't understand why your being shot at is so crucial to the defense of Blighty. I used to surf this place and print out some of the funnier articles
for him in very large bold type.

Oh - and thanks also for giving me the idea of buying Altberg boots for my hugely wide feet, which is how I found this place to begin with. My feet owe the guy who wrote the review of Altberg Svartz insoles a drink!


IMO the Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System seems an bloody expensive way of deploying a .338 rifle...
Typical of the Yanks to spell ARRSE wrong.

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