America may penalise Iraq if it fails to stop the violence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable!!!

    So, let me try to get my head around this...

    1. We invaded a sovereign state on false pretenses.
    2. We have failed, and continue to fail, in our duty as an occupying force to provide effective governance and security.
    3. We are doing this in the name of freedom and democracy.

    But if YOU fail to meet OUR targets, we will pull-out and/or remove ministers that we don't like and punish you.

    For months Washington has been saying there is no civil war in Iraq. Now, the "sectarian violence" is getting so bad that they are thinking of cutting and running.
  2. Can they hit their targets?

    If they don't hit their targets , the Americans will start to withdraw troops?

    Hmmmmm I wonder what will happen here?

    It may be just the media withdrawl frenzy as predicted , but surely those in charge have more of a clue than this?
  3. This is just spin nonsense to help in the Congressional Elections on the 7th of November, so the Republicans can claim that they have Iraq 'under control'
  4. He can't control his own bowl movements, so what hope has he of controlling Iraq :roll:
  5. Of course not....

    But now we have a 'strategy' - an exit strategy.

    Look at it like this. 'We are in Iraq and the request of the Iraqis to help the Iraqi people' - I think that's what we've been told. All we're doing now is putting conditions on that help. If you don't meet our conditions, we'll leave. Easy. And if anybody says we're cutting & running, we blame it on the Iraqis for not meeting the conditions!!!

    But don't you just love US democracy in action, "the removal of ministers deemed incompetent or corrupt." Who determines what's incompetent and corrupt:, the Iraqi people of the Bush Administration? It's a repeat of Bosnia: you can democratically choose, but we can summarily dismiss!
  6. Haven't they penalised them enough already!
  7. It would help if a few brave people admitted that the invasion was a mistake. Trying to lay the blame at the subsequent Iraqi administration might be tempting but simply will not wash. The US have pumped billions into Iraq and have made considerable personal sacrifice. It must be very frustrating to see the dream of democracy falter. I was wondering how GWB and Blair were going to try and talk their way out of all this, surely this is not the right way?