Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. Well not that free.

    1. Right to free speech.
    2. Right of free assembly.

    3. Right in the face with a cs grenade or a pepper spray.



    Mind what would the UK press do seeing a UK squaddy tooled up like him on the streets?

  2. Is this New Orleans?
  3. what sparked that iff then? and is it just me or does that guy have POLICE printed across the front of his armour?
  4. I think it's outside the Republican convention site....St Paul or Minniapolis I think.
  5. Yeah he does, there are some more pic's of him on milphotos, he is very tooled up.... 8O
  6. Mixed emotions on this looking at this. Student wasters need to get a grip, its only CS FFS.

    But WTF is that copper on? More importantly where does he think he is? Iraq or Afghan..... :roll:

    That said I do wish he would put some rounds in to the students with the gang like scarfs affairs.

    Edited too add - Blackhawk must love him.

    Yanks just don't seem to do measured response :)
  7. Really, my heart bleeds, a load of commie students got a pasting, boo-hoo, hope it hurt...
  8. To speak not a right to be heard.

    Within limits, if that assembly casues a disturbance it can be squelched. Such as causing a situation where others can not freely move and conduct daily business, because streets are obstructed by those assembling.

    Seen far worse during May Day riots in the 80's in Berlin.

    Would be a special response unit from the local yokel plod.
  9. mmm... seem to remember some soliders on the streets of the UK dressed like that, firing CS gas, rubber bullets and occasionally the 7.62/5.56 kind.

    Op Banner, anyone?
  10. In order to add some balance you should youtube G8 summit and you'll see UK plod giving some grotty student types a good pasting, albeit with fists and truncheons.
  11. :D :D

    Very good. G8 Edinburgh would be a good start. Can't do it myself as connection is shiite and I can't be arrsed to wait.
  12. Surely the police would only use Cs if the dark grotty ones started to throw things... and if you throw things and a bloke tooled up like that you deserve everything you get in my book!
  14. Erm, clearly you haven't youtubed G8 Edinburgh. Makes for good viewing if you like seeing tree hugger type people getting a good shoeing.
  15. and the Police got pannelled for it by various HR organisations as well as attempts to take officers to court