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America - its all a bit odd...


I'm not surprised, throw out that cocktail book.
Non of that crap here,
Just a small part of my beer stores:)

Can someone tell me why they take such strong stances on food? I can understand @anglo with his mustard and gin revulsions, ketchup is similar in my book. Can’t stand the stuff.

But the other stuff, what exactly does it matter, if someone else likes something different to you? I can’t imagine there are many people who dislike pineapple on its own. But put it on a pizza and it polarizes opinions. Some like it, some don’t. What on earth does it matter, if one doesn’t like it on pizza, and therefore don’t ever eat it on pizza, if someone else does?

Or white or malt vinegar (or red, rice or white wine vinegar for that matter), why do some people castigate others for doing what takes their fancy? It’s like Gen Cowan with his rules about sandwiches. He made an utter c*nt of himself.

I don't really think anyone GAF about other people's food tastes. It's vaguely possible that posters are not quite as dogmatic as their posts might appear.

But it is ARRSE where violent agreement is rare.

Look on the bright side. Trolling each other over minutiae about vinegar/gravy/mayo/ketchup at least means we have got away from interminable and pointless arguments about gunz, health care, Trump etc.

However, putting gravy on chips does deserve hanging.
Poutine or poutain?
I don’t know the correct spelling. Canadian chips with cheese and gravy.

ETA Just remembered that modern devices have a look up feature that works for foreign too. I was thinking of the first one. If the second one looks like chips and gravy I wouldn’t recommend it.
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Salt & malt vinegar for fish and chips - a dash of tomato ketchup is acceptable as cod is a bit... bland
Cod, poor mans fish, a massive southern fib , real fish eaters go for Haddock, it’s bigger, meatier and tastier


War Hero
Not sure, I was in Cornwall, they called it 'shark' it was meaty thick and tasty, probably some sort of dogfish derivative. Not the sort of thing you see inland in chippies.


Great post, couple of points:

The service stations are by no means always in the median. It's common in the northeast, but for example in the south, we don't have them at all. Most exits will have a gas station or 3, and fast food outlets clustered around the exit. These are signposted from about a mile back from the exit as to what is available. Rest Areas are state-run facilities, that have an area to er, rest, i.e. park up for a bit. There will be a toilet block and some vending machines, but no gas and no hot food. Agreed on "left entrances/exits", these can catch one unaware.

DC also reminds me of Manchester, particularly South Manchester. Crime central. But at least the public buildings downtown are impressive in DC.
Miami also reminds me of Manchester. No redeeming features at all.
ASDA is like Walmart, because Walmart own ASDA. Publix is like Choitharams in Dubai. Probably the other way round :)
Liquor availability is by state and even county. Some places sell all of it in the supermarket. Others are completely dry.
Yeah in my state (Michigan) you can buy guns, ammo and liquor all at the same counter.

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