America - its all a bit odd...

Don't know old you are but if you're around the same age as Steamy there, I'd put money on it that you'll probably live longer. Then later when the Reaper comes calling it's off to meet your maker in the sound knowledge that at least you died healthy:)

I do alright for a fat feck.
Oi, it's copyright fella, OK?
Fairy nuff, just know I will be checking for copyright though, I find it ain't so then I'm having it :twisted: . Besides I have ready made target rich environment wherever I go over here and it would be put to a far greater and wider use.

As a son of Alba and even after all my decades of living here, it's not beneath me to take the Pi$$ out of the Yanks and the Canadians when feeling inclined to do so.
The impact of a Scot lecturing about healthy eating just caused a rift in the space/time continuum
The space/time continuum you say! Fecking Jocks get everywhere so they do.
The impact of a Scot lecturing about healthy eating just caused a rift in the space/time continuum
Living with a doc one doesn't have much choice or say in the matter fortunately.
Playtime is over for me...back to work time.


And your post shows or proves what?

In the past month or so there have been mass shooting in the UK but not a cheep out of you about any of them. TBH I really couldn't care what you think of The United States or it's people simply because what you know about both probably wouldn't fill the back of a postage stamp.

Keep making dumb statements like your one at 14,185, then you'll keep getting dumb ratings from me.
Mass shootings in the UK? When?
I asked the same of him here:

Didn't get much in way of a response from him.
The shooting I was referring to at the time and going by what you said in the link you have posted above I can only think that it was not reported nationally. Anyway here is the link from that time.

Hell there was three shootings in one UK city just a week ago in which five people were shot. was any of that reported widely in the UK media?

Edit to say, that wiki list of mass shootings link you put, go back and have another look at that and tell me honestly that the vast majority of that list isn't gang related gun crime.

I reckon the UK is going to see a steady increase in gun crime in the next couple of years and so do the British Police and it will be mostly gang $h!t just like it is here. There are illegal firearms being smuggled into the UK and the Police admit they are struggling to stop them getting in.
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It's kind of the problem banning firearms. It only affects the law abiding who are not the problem in the first place.

SA a prime example of that. The law makes it extremely difficult for law abiding people to purchase a firearm but the lawless are totally unaffected and crime where illegal arms are used is a major problem. Yet the focus of the SA govt and hand wringing anti firearm groups is the one sector of society who are no problem at all, totally ignoring the 600lb gorilla in the corner of the room.

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