America - its all a bit odd...

But they are turning the White house into the black (and smoking) house and therefore doing their best to destroy the racist patriarchy. It's a tricky one.
Nah. Easily solved.


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Since 1965, Australia has grown closer to USA than any other world power.

So this is what Aussies are reading over their breakfast today:

Australia PM calls for probe into 'assault' on journalist
Demonstrators hold up placards protest outside of the White House, over the death of George Floyd in Washington D.C. on June 1, 2020.

Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images
Protesters gathered at the White House on MondayImage caption: Protesters gathered at the White House on Monday
PM Scott Morrison has spoken to US President Donal Trump after an Australian TV crew was allegedly assaulted by police in Washington, reports say.
Mr Morrison has also asked the Washington embassy to investigate the incident.
Channel 7's US correspondent Amelia Brace and cameraman Tim Myers were attacked while covering Monday's protest outside the White House.
Police used tear gas to disperse the protests, leading to a stampede of sorts as the crowds fled - and that's when the attack appears to have occurred.
Social embed from twitter

Ben Siegel

Police outside the WH just repeatedly bashed a cameraman as they pushed back protestors - just now on @ABC7News
The incident was caught on live TV, and the footage was shared on Twitter.
It shows an officer hitting Mr Myers with his shield and then punching him. But another officer intervened and the two reporters escape, just as a third officer swings a baton at them from behind.
The news comes amid a slew of similar reports during protests - of police assaulting journalists, arresting them and even damaging their equipment.

--------------------------- --------------------------- ---------------------------

PM demands answers after Sunrise reporter attacked by police at White House

If the Current Incumbent was deliberately trying to alienate friends and allies, he could scarcely be doing a better job.

That little clip could easily have been filmed in anyone of the 'failed' states South of El Paso......
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But they are turning the White house into the black (and smoking) house and therefore doing their best to destroy the racist patriarchy. It's a tricky one.
if they hadn’t burnt it down, would the Americans have painted it white?
I was just on the phone with someone in Minnesota. This person is quite some ways from Minneapolis and so hasn't seen any rioting directly. However, there is a curfew which extends across much of the state, if not all of it, and some of the major retail chains have shut down completely across the state.

The net effect is a lot more restrictions on life than have been imposed in response to COVID-19. Getting groceries has to be planned in advance more, in order to fit in between work and curfew. This means stocking up on food when it is available as there is no knowing how long this is going to go on for.

This is a sample size of one, but this person (a foreigner there temporarily on essential business, and so with no stake in American politics) got the impression from the long time residents that they are less than impressed with how the federal government are handling the situation and seem to think that Washington are making things worse not better.

I'm not going to make any predictions off this data point, but it's an interesting observation.
You know another Canadian who hates Trump? Shocked I tell you!


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if they hadn’t burnt it down, would the Americans have painted it white?
Fair another part of the multiverse, where Dolly Madison didn't run away, The Pink House has for centuries floated serene at the end of Lexington Avenue :cool:


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Compare and contrast - this is Mr Floyd's brother making his point on the violence which has kicked off in a few places across USA:

Recap: George Floyd's brother urges calm
"If I'm not over here, messing up my own community, then what are you doing?" asked George Floyd's brother, Terrence, earlier.
Watch his short speech here:
Video content

Video caption: Floyd's brother: 'That's not bringing him back'Floyd's brother: 'That's not bringing him back'

and another guy has been shot and killed by Police/National Guard in Louisville.

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He didn't say the Federal Govt did. He said that they're handling it badly.

I presume he means that Orange Tango Man should stop with the tweeting.
Then why bother mentioning the curfew? Maybe the states officials should try sorting out their own shit.
Stop reading Suddeutsche Zeitung then :)
Never read that anyway, either RP, internet or TV.

The german TV stations seem to be on permanent anti-Trump transmit. Whatever he does is wrong, whatever he doesn't do is also wrong.
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keep licking those jackboots
Yoohoo PhotEx! Remember me, you started an argument about "jackbooted stormtroopers" in Minnesota preventing people from standing on their porch and when I countered with some interpretations of your facts you called me names.

Well you didn't answer any of my questions, so is that because your argument didn't hold water or your argument didn't hold water and you didn't have a grown up response?

The "Nazi" analogy is wearing thin, haven't you got any new material?
I was driving home today thinking about what I could watch on telly tonight, and it struck me that no-one in the UK has started comparing the current situation to "V for Vendetta". You know where the US had descended into Anarchy and the government had been using biological weapons on their own people to gain control (well tin-foil hat loon is bound to think Covid-19 is a government plot).

Anyhoo to get back to the regular programming, the whole US of A seems to have been running on "fear of something" for years, and the cork has well and truly come out the bottle. The American way is based on "Me", and the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness all seems to revolve around the ego of whoever is speaking

So if the riots continue, at some point the local equivalent of marshall law will have to be declared. Troops move in, protesters resist, tear gas and flash bangs escalate to shots fired etc. etc.

The alternative is that the rioters get left alone to cause more damage until they eventually have enough iPhones/wide screen tvs/trainers/handbags and they get bored and go home. Whatever happens the left wing media will report everything they think makes the people in authority look bad in order to stoke the fear.

I had to chuckle though, there is a youtuber by the name of Tim Pool, who isn't rabid pro or anti-Trump and at least reports the facts and gives a reasoned interpretation. One of his latest videos was about complaints from the members of the media that they were getting caught up in the rioting and people were damaging their offices and their property and shoving them in the street. The point Tim was making was that the media appear to have built themselves up to an almost religious status, and they were now being made very aware of the fact they are nothing special....


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Actually The Orange One reminds me rather more of his bedrock political mentor - and will probably end the same way:


Italian Fascism opposed liberalism, especially classical liberalism which Fascist leaders denounced as "the debacle of individualism".[6][7] Fascism was opposed to socialism because of the latter's frequent opposition to nationalism,[8] but it was also opposed to the reactionary conservatism developed by Joseph de Maistre.[9] It believed the success of Italian nationalism required respect for tradition and a clear sense of a shared past among the Italian people, alongside a commitment to a modernised Italy.[10]

Sound familiar?

The obsession with la bella figura - that awful thing about looking good in public, regardless of the genuine reality.

Deeply, irredeemably, fundamentally FAKE.

Oncle Adi was just a straightforward standard issue fúcked up veteran of a real conflict, with artistic delusions and a deep grudge against the Viennese in comparison with The Orange One......

Italian Fascism


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Any more news on the deployment of Federal troops?

I think in American speak 'active duty' just means Regular rather than reservists.

Met a bunch of them at a place called Camp Bucca in 2003...friendly souls.

For the folks who find the words 'I was wrong' so difficult - does this website constitute part of the 'Deep state conspiracy' or is just another part of the

"truly bad people, doing everything in their power to foment hatred and anarchy" ?


Just so we know, like - because of course we will discount everything they have ever touched on,said or published, y'know - just to be on the safe side?
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