America - its all a bit odd...

Puritanism alive and well in the good ol' US of A. 'Intergluteal cleft'; FFS; these people have formulated rules for that!

'A 17-year-old swimming talent has reportedly been left devastated by an instant disqualification from her high school’s weekend swim meet.

'The controversial disqualification surrounding the state champion swimmer’s exposed “intergluteal cleft” has rocked the Alaskan swimming community and is attracting national media attention in the United States.
Teen swimmer Breckynn Willis’ disqualification after winning the 100m freestyle event at her Dimond High School pool in Southern Alaska is now the subject of a school board investigation in a storm that has already resulted in accusations of sexism and racism. Willis was disqualified and denied her victory after one pool official judged she had showed too much of her buttocks during the swim when the swimsuit malfunctioned in the middle of the race. According to The Anchorage Daily News, another poolside official who witnessed the incident claims to have been told by the judge now under investigation that he was forced to disqualify Willis because she could “see butt cheek touching butt cheek”.'

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