America - its all a bit odd...

Even for America this is a bit WTF

I love the Crown Vics. I bought a mint low mileage 2011 P7B direct from a Police Department in Florida and shipped it to the UK (one of the last ones built) and I recently bought another that was already in the UK; a 2008 P71.
They have a nasty habit of going all Dresden when hit from behind.

Side note one night in Baghdad while on Patrol we found a maroon Crown Vic in a driveway still with its NY State license plates on it
Talk about an outer space crime...if true...

Yup apparently Lesbians are responsible for 100% of crimes in outer space
Eyes or mouth?
Wow, it took you a whole two weeks to that one up. You can read; it was eyes, and you even conveniently bolded the text. What you and your two mates choose to fantasise about when you look at the article is up to your own warped imaginations.
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