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I hope his barrage is against Florida...
I can't understand the hatred for Florida, did Mickey touch you inappropriately?
If there are no pictures of your pissed-up pyro MLRS barrage I will petition the COs to have your account shitcanned.

Our hopes and dreams are resting on your shoulders.
Challenge accepted :)
I hope his barrage is against Florida...
That'd be some impressively-ranged fireworks. I'm about 120 miles north of the Tennessee-Georgia line, and IIRC, I-75 through Georgia is 360 miles long, so I'd need fireworks with a 500 mile range just to take out Jacksonville.

I'll pop down to the fireworks place and see what they've got :)
Surely you must at least have a few Claymores lying around.

How else do you keep the Mexicans and home invaders off your lawn?
My scowl works most of the time.

Snow helps keep people out.

Claymores are a sensitive item and held in reserve, along with all the other special not for public ammo.
We are not allowed fireworks here, city ordinance (thats a bye law in proper english) forbides them.

Last night there was supposed to be a huge specktakleeyar fireworks display by the city at 21:30hrs...........and, ummmmm, nothing seemed to happen. I think it was too windy.

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