America - its all a bit odd...

But how much do they save you?
Turbotax is the best option, for 40 bucks they file it as you enter all the data. I use the software because it has all the current tax law changes downloaded and it beats spending hours trying to read IRS pamphlets. I got 8K back this year so it was well worth the money IMO.

The walk in places are run by many people who are about as qualified as I am to run a nuclear submarine. If you are only getting a small refund less than 2K it is not worth the fees. But they do however offer an instant refund in the store and instead of waiting for the IRS to deposit the money, many people walk out with a large chunk of money. I guess it depends on how badly you need the funds?? If you are skint as feck and you are expecting 5K back, eating that 300 might be worth it to get the $4700.00 in your pocket that same day.
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