America - its all a bit odd...

A great opportunity to sample the delights of American airport food.
My first visit was when I was about eighteen or so and had a stopover at Newark.
Times have changed, but had my first "Surf and turf" there.
I was bowled over, as all we had in the uk at the time, were greasy spoons and wimpy burger bars.
I'm no stranger of US airport food. It usually consists of dishes where you would much rather be eating something differnt, somewhere else.
Ask them why the iPhone screens are so delicate, despite using Gorilla glass.
I do intend to visit the glass museum there. Corning Glass invented fibre optic cable and make things like space based telescope mirrors.
They, a long time ago, realised there was a lot more money in developing new glass production techniques rather than making household glassware.
Is the return through Newark? You should have no trouble. I've done a changeover there in less than an hour. You won't need to claim and re-check baggage and if both flights are with United you probably won't have to move from one terminal to another, so limited security checks.
I shouldn't have to re-check the bag, but I do have to change termainls from the domestic flight.
Apparently if you take the monorail you have to exit and go back through security, but if you can find the bus that goes between the terminals airside then all is good.
Perhaps the Martians have worked out where the Curiosity rover came from, and are paying us a visit?
The sun is going supernova, No need to panic, Sell the wife and house and buy that classic Aston Martin, don some wayfarers and can ride into fires of history like a white James Bond =D

A random wow,

Equinox cracks over Yellowknife this weekend.

Equinox Cracks in Earth’s Magnetic Field
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You should have worked in the State Department, you'd have worked wonders for Uncle Sams international relations!;)
Drlligaf, He could have came in wearing a fecking pink tutu, doesn't alter the fact he's still a septic mate. He and I were work partners for many years and he was one of the craziest men I ever knew. Even to this day he's still fecking nuts.
Perhaps the Martians have worked out where the Curiosity rover came from, and are paying us a visit?
The Martians will never visit us, they think that Earth is more than close enough as it is. I mean who wants to visit a bunch of homicidal nuclear equipped crazies?
As for the various rovers from NASA, the Martians will probably re-cycle them and bill NASA for improper parking and causing an obstruction. Cash only no cheques (checks).


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Perhaps that is a modern twist.Traditionally the more overweight the women the better.It showed their husbands had money to feed them well.
Also, useful in a life without sprung mattresses and modern upholstery.
Why is it just about every American I know has, some Native American in them?

It’s not like the American / Europeans took them in and helped them is it.

Infected blankets, Genocide , wars etc.

Still had a laugh while waiting in a line to get into Disney, American bint, at 0730 in the morning , pissed as a fart, talking to her fellas kids , think he was divorced and this was his bonding moment with new GF and kids.

Popped out with a .

“ Oh, my dad is 1/8th Native American. I’m not I’m 100% USA”?
And I ain't no percent African !
When I get Americans telling me they're Scottish the first question I ask is were they born in Scotland. When they reply no but they're Great Great Granny was, my reply is usually along the lines of feck off and keep fecking off until I can no longer hear or see you.
Tel 'em tae get tae fek!
Every Friday in Stan at the USA DFAC, very nice
Yup. :-D Even had surf & turf for lunch at the Naval Hospital at Great Lakes when I worked there as a civil servant at a reasonable $8 all in.
Lieawatha, aka Fauxcahontas, aka Princess lies like dog
Also known to some here in Massachusetts as "Princess Throwing Bull"
The woman has zero integrity. She got a tenured chair at Harvard Law on the basis of her "heritage" at $350k per year and negotiated for a tenured job for her husband at another $350k.
If I got off the fence and told you what I really think I would be on ROP's

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