America - its all a bit odd...

Thomas Massie the Rep Senator for Kentucky has sent out his family Christmas card....

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No fcuks given, that one. I wonder if the good senator has a spare barrel and asbestos mitts that usually come with the M60 BII? They do get a tad warm when you are on full auto. ;-)

If the amount of claim is £10k or under it will likely be held in the Small Claims Court. The good news about that is that the court is designed for litigants in person, so you can go along and present your case without relying on legal language.

Additionally, in the SMC, in normal circumstances neither side can claim for legal fees, so if you lose you won't run up a huge bill.

Finally, since Covid most hearings take place via Zoom.

You spend a lot of time in US small claims court?
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If it were the case all of you who still gush over the SLR would have to be hung like Chinese Infants


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' Ascend Mount Fuji '


A Day of Infamy ........


' Ascend Mount Fuji '

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A Day of Infamy ........

"Tora! Tora! Tora!"

Apparently, the radio operator who took that call from Gendo's wing was extremely surprised to get it. As were Yamamoto and Nagumo. They weren't expecting the Americans to have been caught with their trousers down that badly.


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2 days later, they went on to sink HMS Repulse and Prince of Wales, off Malaya. An officer of the Imperial Japanese Navy commented ' The pupil has outgrown the master'

Force Z's escort carrier HMS Indomitable had grounded in Jamaica en route to their station , so the battleships lacked their planned air support.

First person account from a Repulse survivor here : International Naval Research Organization Articles - Loss of Repulse and Prince of Wales - NavWeaps
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How to prevent school shootings:

Democrats: Less guns.

Republicans: Less school

Have the democrats banned guns in all the states that they control?

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