America: first again!...

I thought China was eating its young by collpasing its environment and exploiting its resources to death, etc. etc.. as the left leaning environmentalists shout out.. but..

The United States is the only industrialized nation experiencing significant population growth [ all those latino illegals??].. Us population is approaching 400 million by mid century - up from 200 million in 1967.. the average american's ecological footprint - the amount of land and water needed to support an individual and absorb his or her waste - is now 24 acres.. By that calculation the long-term carrying capacity of the Us would sustain less than half of the nation's current population.

when housing, shopping, schools, roads and other uses are added up, each American effeectively occupies 20% more land than s/he did 20 years ago.
3000 acres of farmland are converted to nonagricultural uses daily and each American produces about 5 pounds of trash daily up from 3 pounds in 1960.

In my neck of the woods, the True North, lots of complaints about urban sprawl eating up prime farm land and the fact that we are fast approaching the point where indigenous farming will not be sufficient to support feeding the masses, yet, at the same time much hand wringing over the fact that , as a nation, we are grossly underpopulated and thus will never amount to much as we can't sustain ourselves as the folks age, etc.. thus big push for immigration with resultant cities burgeoning as everyone huddles along the Canada/US border and no one wanting to take up abodes in the ' outlying areas '..

Has Great Britian reached ' capacity' yet? can't see the UK being far behind the US in stretching the resources ...


I wish there was a big push for immigration in Ca, problem seems to be unless you are dutch then Ont is out, French or a Lebanese taxi driver for Qc and every one else is sleeping rough near the oil sand fields in Alberta. I dearly want to become a farmer and raise game and Gundogs in the Ottawa Valley where my family and I can raise some beef, grow some sweetcorn and contribute to Canada. most of the farms I visited in ont during my 3 week summer trip were being sold out of 100 years of the same family as the last batch of kids with degrees wont come back to farm and want to stay in the cities.

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