America Finds Solution For Walts.

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by AIR FILTER, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. Very good idea, Walts need to be exposed as the fakes they are.
  2. Just as pissed off? Who are you to speak for two whole nations now?

    I think Walts are fecking hilarious, except those who steal from service charities, but it's the stealing, not the walting that is objectionable.

    They struck down the Stolen Valour Act because, quite rightly they concluded that it contravened freedom of speech. Wouldn't be much fun if every navy egg flipper couldn't tell that bird in the bar that he was a Navy SEAL 'cos he might end in his days in Leavenworth being bummed to death for it!
  3. Walts are a Joke and very very sad!
  4. Is it "cry about it and issue threats from the safety of the internet"?

    If not some of you lot have wasted a few years eh?
  5. I think you'll find it's not "we" that are pissed off with walts just a few sad individuals. Isn't the American system more about stopping blokes from claiming they've been awarded gallantry awards rather than some 1980s throwbacks crying because some fat bloke claimed to have been in the Paras?
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  6. I would go futher, Walts are mentally ill people who can even convince themselves that they served in many battles.

    I would not be surprised if a few have actually been awarded War pensions to that effect.

    Only a matter of time i suppose. :)
  7. That's happened already. One guy got approx £20k in cash, services, rent etc; out of RBL claiming PTSD for service in the SAS. He never even served in the sea scouts, but he was proper mental. I know the RBL 'charidee' case worker responsible for that faux pas.

    But it's the theft that is punishable. Not the tall tales and his 1000yd stares.
  8. I take it you love them and fully condone their actions by that statement!
  9. Fuck me pink! .... I bet some fucking heads rolled at the SPVA for that. :)
  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Where it possible to multiply chodness by a factor of infinity, it would not adequately express how sąd self-appointed "walt hunters" are.
  11. I do, I'd rather have a pint with a walt than some dullard campaigning for a "getting pissed in Germany" medal.

    With the exception of those who defraud charities or trick people into donating to bogus causes walts are pretty harmless. It's only mouth breathers on here and that Walt Hunters Society page that seem to get worked up about it.
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  12. I'd rather drink with Shortty than you.

    I imagine his tall tales, imaginative costumes and general couldn't give a shit attitude would make it a good night.

    You come across as a sucky bell end who gets his calculator out before everyone's finished their curry.
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  13. Plus the Eastern European Hookers. Jimbo alsway seems to have an ample supply of them around.
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