America decides to fight and win in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. America decides to fight and win in Afghanistan
    Posted: 2020 26/01/06

    America decides to fight and win in Afghanistan

    When British and American soldiers were called to Kabul's Ministry of Culture last week, those who had served time in Iraq were greeted with a grimly familiar scene.

    By Nick Meo
    Last Updated: 6:56PM GMT 01 Nov 2008

    Charred and mangled bodies littered the building, the victims of a suicide bomber who had penetrated security at one of the most heavily-guarded sites in the capital. A Taliban spokesman later gloatingly confirmed that the attack was aimed at the ministry's Western advisers, part of a new strategy of terror against Kabul's foreign aid community that saw British aid worker Gayle Williams shot dead two weeks ago.

    It was a stark reminder of just how vicious the Taliban campaign in Afghanistan has become – and of the scale of the task facing the American general who has been ordered to claw back victory from the jaws of what is starting to look like defeat.
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  2. Why the fcuk are we there? Have no lessons been learned from the humiliation the Russians were subjected to? Am I alone in thinking that this will become another Vietnam or have I had too many glasses of Hobgoblin?!
  3. Probably.
  4. It's ludicrous to talk about a victory while fighting against locals in a foreign country.
  5. Is there such a thing as too many glasses of Hobgoblin?
  6. Nice stuff Hobgoblin. We cannot win a war within a country that has no intention of stopping its main GDP, opium.
  7. In 1997 the then US administration invited all interested parties(including the Taleban) to DC for a four-day 'conference' to establish a 'way forward' to build a gas pipeline from the Caspian region to Pakistan.This pipeline would run through Afghanistan,and would be built by,amongst others(Haliburton?),a company called Unocal(now owned by Chevron?),to whom Hahmed Karzai was then a consultant-did he get the job of Afghan President through connections with energy industry companies?
    Then there is the opium crop,which has in recent years seen record harvest figures-has anyone any idea how much money has been made in the not-too-distant past by financial institutions from laundering the proceeds?
    It appears that there will always be a large corporate element to military campaigns wherever they are mounted in the world-perhaps the above will shed some light on the matter but there must be more to the situation than just the above....
  8. A little piece of back story to Afghan that is rarely mentioned. Another part if that story is that W. Bush owned (or was it ran, i forget) Unocal. Strange how so quickly after the fall of the taliban, in the time frame of months, that pipeline contract was "dug out of a dusty bottom drawer" and signed.
  9. Ah, what a great conspiracy...except the whole country's gone to shit, a pipeline would never survive constant attacks by the Taliban and, wait, how are they supposed to earn money from this little venture again?

    You're telling me they're devious enough to come up with a grand conspiracy and too dumb give it the resources required to succeed?
  10. Dont know but just found it at a pound a bottle so will go and find out. :lol:
  11. The best of British to our American colleges.
    I do hope that they can obtain combat troops from all their NATO allies who so far have not played the game.
    Just do one last thing King George and thank HM for her contribution and request that UK Armed Forces go home.
    Hobgoblin for a quid, can't even get a goblin for that price.
  12. Unfortunately you aren't alone. History as myth has moved into the the area of accepted fact.

    The facts are the Soviets were giving the mujahadeen a pretty good beating until they Reagan started sending Stingers over to help neutralize the air threat.

    The supposed Afghan defeat of all invaders is also a large part of the same myth. Truth is they've been ruled by Persians, Arabs, Parthians, Uzbeks and Mongols for most of their history.
  13. Come visit me in Pattaya, and I'll show you a few places you can get a gobblin' for free! (and I don't mean boys town either)

    'We don't fear the Russians, but we fear their helicopters', right?

  14. "America decides to fight and win in Afghanistan"

    Can we get them to confirm a definition of 'win' before they go in and claim victory a week later.

    I guess they could be excused their premature claims in Iraq because having never won anything single handedly they wouldn't know what it is!
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Do you mean you didn't believe the line:
    "We'll be in and out in three years without firing a shot"

    I also did hear a rumour it'll all be over by Christmas..... But that might have been a another tour

    All together now

    Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile............. :wink: