Amendment to Army Terms of Service Regulations 2007

Under the authority of sections 328(5) and 329 of the Armed Forces Act 2006 the Secretary of State for Defence has issued the Armed Forces (Terms of Service)(Amendment) Regulations 2009 (SI:2009/831) which enter force on 31 October 2009.

Regulation 20 of the above regulation amend the Army Terms of Service Regulations 2007 by the insertion of Regulation 16A. This provides that ranks of the regular Army below the rank of Warrant Officer may be transferred to a different Corps against their will and have their terms of service altered accordingly.
I don't think that there is anything new about this...perhaps it just wasn't codified like the before.

Didn't this happen when the AGC was formed etc? I think it's just a way of saying that corps/regiments can be disbanded and the personnel be tranferred into a newly formed corps/regt.
Not quite Infiltrator. When the AG were formed in the early 1990s incorporating within its structure the All Arms Clerks, the latter were given the choice of remaining with their cap-badge or transferring. If choosing to transfer, they were required to sign their assent for the transfer to have effect. This SI provides for the dispensing of consent in respect of both a transfer and a harmonisation of terms of service where required.

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