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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by skintboymike, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. I recently asked my chief clerk for an application form for the ACSM. She checked my record and informed me that I didn't have enough days under my belt to qualify. She then showed me my record which backed up this fact. To be fair, she has a point. It shows on my record that I did a two month tour of NI in 1997, whereas in reality I served two months with the Welsh Guards before serving a six month detachment under HQNI, but the latter tour was never documented. Over the years I've been ordered to sign my records printout by the clerks whether I agreed with them or not, mainly due to the fact that records weren't up to date, and an LSI was usually imminent. They always promised to look into any irregularities afterwards, but this always got forgotten about. It was always my word against theirs - until now.

    Fast forward 12 years - I have just stumbled across an old mid year appraisal signed by SO3 Log SP in HQNI, which covered the period I was there for. This proves that my UNICOM records have been wrong from day one. If I show this to my chief clerk will she be able to amend my record herself, or does it need to be actioned by someone higher up? I know the main responses will be 'why don't you ask her and find out?', but she's away for a while now and the civvies there can't be arsed, so I reckon this is my best shout for a straight answer. Cheers folks.
  2. I have been out of the army for many years now and a couple of years ago asked for my army records to be sent to me from where ever it is they are kept now. They duly arrived and were in many places completely wrong e.g. there was no record at all of the course I did on isotopic radiography. So if I were you I would make a written request for a review of your records with a copy to your line manager (immediate boss). Keep copies of the letters of request. This may make you temporarily a pain in the arse to the system but they will cope - and your boss will note that you are capable of cogent thoughts and written expressions.
  3. This has always been the stumbling block. It's a job that no one can be bothered with, as it doesn't affect anyone else.

    Not quite sure how relevant this is to my point, but rest assured I am rather well versed when I need to be.
  4. The MOD are leagally obliged to keep your record accurately under the Data Protection Act. If you highlight the inaccuracy to the SPS staff at your unit they should take the necessary action. I don't believe they will be able to update the information themselves as it pre-dates JPA, but they should be able to raise an I-support or conact the JPA Tiger Team on your behalf to resolve the issue.
  5. I'll wait til she gets back and ask her anyway, as I've nothing to lose. The only problem I can see is that the mid year appraisal refers to a six month tour of NI, but doesn't mention dates.
  6. You mst have been getting NI pay for the 6 month period? and possibly other allowances? Look back at your old pay slips (I think available on ArmyNet). Compile as much detail as possible (copies of NI duy rosters (if you can get them), Appraisals, Posting/detachment orders etc) and contact JPAC Help Desk and explain the case. Thye have always been pretty helpful in my experience.

    p.s. What were you doing attached to 1WG for 2 months?
  7. THat will be the evidence to go for.... worst case scenario is they take it off you :D
  8. Just another thought. Did you do the old NIRTT before deploying? Were you security cleared NIBA etc, all could form part f the evidence that you were there when you say so
  9. It's all down to the standard of the Clerks that you have in your unit, if a person informed me of a mistake on their printout then I made a point of checking their P File and if nothing was in there .i.e the course report in question then I would contact the place were the course took place and requested that they send me a copy of the course report, this applies to any missing information that may not have been on the persons printout. Finding out about a deployment should be fairly straight forward.

    But some clerks I know would only do this if you were over a certain rank to make themselves look good, I used to call them Noshers.
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    You never said it to my face :D
  11. No only behind your back you Nosher
  12. No one else seems to know, but what's the url for JPA please?
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  14. Cheers fella, just been told i can't do it from home!
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    Nope, no outside access!