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The team that came second in the main Mens comp were REME(G) RUFC. We were supposed to have 12 Fijians for the weekend, but being Fijian only 7 turned up.
Made it very hard for the guys who played, but they did a great job coming second with a little help from 3 Bn REME RFC who also took part winning the recreation competition, when they gave us a couple of players for the last couple of games.

A great weekend of rugby and the cloggie's know how to party. Some of the teams who turned up for the weekend, including at least 1 team from the UK were so sh1tfaced that they did not play a game all weekend. The 2 parties were great.
The REME(G) boys were going to have a night off the booze on the Sat night when they found out that there was a prize pot of Euro 1000 for the winners, but with the breaking strain of a soggy KitKat buckled to the pressure after one or two beers.

Loads of friendly people, loads of birds, loads of fun and loads of beer. Normal rugby tour stuff on the beach in the sun and on the cheap, what more could a man ask for??????

Anyone who whats any info on what will be another good weekend of rugby and booze PM me. I am taking a team again this year.

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