Don't know if this breaches OPSEC etc. Moderator to rule please.
I've been out since '74. Tactics in ambush then was mainly dispersal on contact. We have seen two recent fatal ambushes in Iraq where deceased went to rescue of injured soldiers - thus placing themselves in killing zone. Can quite understand motives of guys who do this rescue but have ambush procedures changed since Dad's Army days?
Probably not. But greater love hath no man etc.... In the heat of the moment who knowns what you'd do, especially when you know that you are man-down, and further, what is likley to happen to your wounded mates if they are left behind. Noone, I suggest, wants to see their palls dragged behind a 4x4 or strung up from a bridge.
Thanks dogmonkey. God bless them for rushing in and understandable as we agree. You've answered my query - kill this if you feel it would be better.

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