Ambushes - must be clearly signposted!

In the late 1960s I was a telegraphist in the RAF and was posted to 604 FAC which was part of 24 (Air Portable) Infantry Brigade HQ at Crownhill Fort, Plymouth. One of the many stories that I heard concerned NATO exercises in Germany. An infantry outfit had set up an ambush but they were so well-concealed that a tank drove over them and killed everyone. After this event a new rule was brought out - "all ambushes must display a yellow notice on a 2 metre pole stating that there are troops within 15 metres of this sign". A few days later yet another ambush was driven over by a tank, at the court of enquiry the tank commander said that he could not read the notice until he got to within 5 metres of it...
Bruce Fletcher
Stronsay, Orkney
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