Ambush! - 1960s Training Film

They don't make 'em like this any more :) nice find.
bangalore said:
Can't watch it because I'm at work but is this the one where Paddy Ashdown is the Tp Comd?
I reckon you're thinking of "Troop Attack," but I had no idea that Ashdown was the platoon commander. He certainly toned down his very plummy voice for parliament if that is the case.

Classic lines like: "Good, that's won the firefight!" After one round with an 84mm. "Request Callsign 5 be made available to cover my advance." Why not just ask for a fire mission?

Helicopters on tap, no pesky Journos and not too many inconvenient questions in Parliament.

R&R in Singapore or Hong Kong with several months pay to get through.

Seems like a good way to fight a war. Some cam cream might be useful though.
This is a recruiting film on two reels telling the story of a young platoon commander sorting out some border trouble in a friendly Middle Eastern state with a little help from the gunners

1960 Officer Recruiting Film

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