ambulance tech


Old-Salt probably more relevant for Ambulance tech.

Be cautious of what you get into . You need to be looking for an IHCD ambulance tech course. EMT as such does not exist as a registered qualification in the UK !
Due respect to Mediteam, they probably provide good and valid training though as the say on their website its valuable on CV as a recognition of experience.
You can spend a lot of money on so called EMT courses and not actually be qualified to do much.

For IHCD Ambulance tech You need to hold a blue light driving qual and think about where you want to work. One thing that is never made clear is the need for actual hands on experience.
Do you want to work for an ambulance service ? Do they take on privatly trained techs and how do you maintain your qualfication ?

Not trying to put you off but flag up some of the issues involved.
best of luck

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