Ambulance Services need to lift heavier People!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rgjbloke, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. There is a report on Sky News today saying that the Ambulance services need to spend huge amounts of money on vehicles and gear to lift people who in this day and age are much heavier than 10 years ago. I smiled and thought intially "what a load of tosh", this is a ploy to get more money at a time of cutbacks. Nice try though!

    Then they brought this 31 stone woman onto the box who was saying how much pain and suffering she had to go through when on an ambulance and it was so unfair on her because obesity is an addiction that she is afflicted with and that's not her fault.

    I'm sorry but personally speaking as someone in later middle age who is overweight, somewhere consistantly around the 17 stone mark, and concious of the fact that I'm not really doing myself any favours and definately could set myself up for some real problems if I allowed myself to get any heavier, surely you would notice 31 stone piling on and think to yourself, these trousers are getting a bit tight, I'd better lose some weight?

    Any thought's gentlemen on some good advice for the Ambulance Services and those larger user's who are unfortunately afflicted with obesity?
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  2. Seal them in their house/flat for 6 months and they will fit in an ambulance/hearse no problem
  3. Instead of giving them free ops on the NHS like stapling their stomach or whatever, maybe they could just staple the fat cunts mouths shut. Everyones a winner! Bonus is you don't have to listen to the fucking food hoover's whingeing about how it's an addiction, and not their fault at all. Just an idea....
  4. Look, some big boys made me do it their names were:

    John Smith, Joshua Tetley, Arthur Guinness, Mr MaCallan, Mr Jameson, a Bombadier, Mr Fuller, Charlie Hill, the Becks gang and a tart called Stella.

    How the fuck did you think I put all this weight on? Eating? Waste of drinking time.
  5. My father has been directly involved in the design of Ambulances with "lifting gear" for a while now. It came about when a rather large chap in Norfolk was trapped inside his house and the fire brigade took down a wall and then my tathers Ambulance team (6 people!) and the firebrigade team used a fork lift truck to get him out and a flat bed truck to get him to Padgets hospital.

    I seem to recall the chap wanting to take the emergency crews to court for "loss of dignity"!!!!

    Norfolk now have several ambulances with double width trolly stretchers and a lift to get the thing in the back.

    Its a very sad situation.
  6. Auld-Yin

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    Great news - pass those pies!!! :)
  7. Feed up more of them then we can get more lampshades made
  8. I blame the creatures for my back pain and sciatica. As a youth on surgical wards there used to be loads of fat diabetic creatures all double amputees because they couldn't lay off the cakes. Bloody hard lifting a huge lump with two arms, bugger all to grab on to and we didn't have any lifting equipment then. Almost all older Nurses have chronic back pain through the greedy twats.
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    A prime example of where a Government spending cut needs to occur.

    These people's problems are self inflicted. I don't see why the tax payer should pay for their unsustainable life styles.
  10. I think if you check the NICE guidelines on obesity you'll find that hammering their faces in with a pick axe helve is on page two.
  11. This bloke tries to be very diplomatic, with plenty of euphemisms but then blows it spectacularly by saying: "this HUGE cupboard here at the back" carries a hoist to lift 255kg! Two hundred and fifty five! That's 41 stone! The new stretcher carries 400kg and there's a winch so that any whales being wheeled out of the back of the ambulance aren't launched across the hospital car park like Titanic. When they're being winched, winched as in construction yard do none of them feel enough embarassment to summon up the willpower to do something about it?

    BBC News - Ambulance for obese patients developed
  12. This should be the standard transport for fatties.

  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Or one of these so people on upper floors dont have to gaze upon them...

  14. Wont be long till we need one of these if they continue stuffing their fat chins.