Ambulance Crew

An ambulance crew respond to a 999 call in surburbia one Saturday evening. On their arrival the door of the house is opened by by a male who was very upset. The abulalance crew asked him what the problem was. He replied. "Can you help me, my wife has got a vibrator stuck inside her and it is set on full power, could you remove it?"
The ambulance man replied. "We cannot remove it here, we will have to take your wife to the casualty department at the hospital, where a gynaecologist will have to remove it."
The man replied. "So there is no way she can stay here and have it removed?" "No." replied the ambulance man. "We have got to take her to the hospital." "Thank f**k for that ."replied the husband. "I am trying to watch Match of the Day with my mates, and the vibrator is interfering with the reception."

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