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Ambulance Chasers - Leigh Day karma

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Glad_its_all_over, Jan 15, 2017.

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  1. ...a fine example of the British tradition of freedom, fairness and justice.

  2. ...a gang of worthless, amoral, ambulance-chasing parasites bent on getting rich at public expense.

  1. Now that the much-respected Phil Shiner and his very fine law firm have been so unjustly driven out of business by haters and racists and that crowd there, I gather from today's gutter press, the Sunday Times, to be specific, that another law firm has emerged as the champion of alleged Taliban freedom fighters, unjustly detained and having had their human rights violated by brutal and imperialist British Armed Forces.

    The firm in question is Leigh Day (Leigh Day | Personal injury & medical negligence lawyers | human rights | employment) - mark the name well, we'll be hearing more from them as they courageously step up to fight the good fight on behalf of their clients.

    ARRSE members might consider an occasional demonstration of support for their brave activities. Note that their place of business is to be found at:

    London office

    Priory House, 25 St. John’s Lane, London EC1M 4LB

    020 7650 1200

    Manchester office

    Building C (MAN 35), Central Park, Manchester M40 5BP

    0161 393 3530

    One imagines that the staff in the offices would be delighted to hear words of support for their human rights work from anyone with an interest in the good work they're doing, in particular their tireless efforts to find, support and bring to the UK, folk interested in suing the British Government for the illegal activities of British troops.
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  2. They've not "emerged" - Leigh Day have been at it for years.

    Also, calling for their harassment in CA isn't really the done thing - maybe the NAAFI would be more appropriate for that.
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  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    LD were working alongside Shiner and Co doing exactly the same sort of work.
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  4. I'm not calling for any such thing, but thank you very much indeed for taking the time to point out ARRSE etiquette to me, it's a mystery that you're not a moderator.
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  5. Of course you're not.
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  6. Well, if that's how you're reading my post, I can only caution you not to indulge in any petty, spiteful or unpleasant harassment of decent lawyers simply going about their chosen profession.
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  7. Cool story. Luckily, I don't need the warning - nor do I need to be advised not to encourage harassment of a law firm on a public forum - unlike some.

    Returning to @hellsbrink's much more valid point, I'll be interested to see how the decision plays out. Whilst we need a means for those that have been abused while in British detention to make a claim [and they'll have had plenty of opportunity to raise one already], it should be reserved only for those situations where judged credible - hopefully the decision will go some what to strengthening that.
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  8. I was with you right up to 'decent lawyers'.
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  9. Slim chance of that. There will undoubtedly have been occasions where the mark was overstepped by British forces, statistically it's certain. Whether or not these are the occasions which prove to be legal gold mines and whether or not any justice emerges from the whole flawed and deeply tainted process which has developed through the activities of Leigh Day and Public Interest - and the legal establishment itself - is a crap shoot.
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  10. Why? I think we should investigate allegations and take the appropriate action. I don't see why we should allow the enemy to sue us through our own courts.
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  11. There's also the link between Leigh Day and everyone's favourite 'honorary colonel', Lady Nugee aka Emily Thornberry, which I'm quite certain was nothing to do with ingratiating themselves with a politician close to Comrade Corbyn.
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  12. That would be wrong. A courteous exchange of robust opinion would not be.
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  13. Himmler74

    Himmler74 On ROPs

    @Bris is an Ex monkey so is probably on commission.
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  14. I can stop beating myself up about his SABCs, then. Good-oh, I was lying awake, weeping.
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