Ambulance Chasers: Advice please!


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I had a ding back in November. I'm 100% convinced it's not my fault, but since I crashed into a hire car the insurance claim is taking forever to process and liability still hasn't been established. Essentially I went into the side of someone at a mini-roundabout, as they failed to give way to their right and pulled out in front of me.

Anyway, yesterday I got a call from some ambulance chasers asking me about any personal injury claims. They informed me about the 8-week "cooling down" period to ensure any injuries were actually lasting and valid for a claim. They are, and I do plan to claim.

The company yesterday were called Legal Assist, and they seemed very keen to get my business. So keen, they wanted to send someone to my house on Thursday to sign all the paperwork. I tentatively said yes, although I don't intend to be forced into signing anything on the spot. I just assumed Direct Line (my insurers) had passed on my details to a specialist.

Today I get another call from another company about the same thing. Now it occurs to me that details of my accident have made it out into the murky legal world, and all these companies will be vying for my business - so I start to wonder if I've been a bit hasty, or if it really makes any difference at all.

I'm getting married in the summer. I'm already out of pocket covering my excess for repairs in the crash, which I won't get back until the other guy accepts liability. I could really do with a payout like this quite soon, although I accept they can take a couple of years. What are my options? Is there such a thing as shopping around when it comes to personal injury claims? Should I tell the first bunch to get stuffed and look for a better reputation? Will other companies be able to move the claim faster? Do some companies have a reputation for winning larger claims? Or does it not make one bit of difference, and the first choice is as good as any?

If I should be looking elsewhere, do you have any recommendations?
Ask the first company if they have been appointed by your insurers firstly though there is no reason why you cant seek legal representation personally from elsewhere. From my experience, RTA claims usually take about 6 months to get done and dusted however there are a lot of companies around that will effectively "buy" your claim off you by giving you an upfront payment of £1000.
Whereabouts are you based by the way?

Oh and I aint an ambulance chaser, I work for a defendant firm defending claims such as this.
Doesnt make much difference that they were in Manchester really, everything is done over the phone/by email these days. Have a look on Google though for PI solicitors in Bristol, I cant say that I know any down there unfortunately.
You will pretty much these days get the same service everywhere these days with a simple RTA claim, although there are exceptions and bad apples everywhere just like any industry. I would certainly ask the first company you spoke to if they have been appointed by your insurers, if they have then happy days as they must be competant to sit on that insurers panel. If they havent been appointed by your insures then it may well be worth calling your insurer for advice stating that you now wish to pursue a claim and could they help you to initiate it which they should.