Ambitions in sex



Wow, they're all coming out this morning!!

ok - my ambitions - To Have Sex:-

on a full size snooker table
in the rain
on a sheepskin rug in front of a roaring fire on a winter's night
in the middle of a cornfield on a hot summer's night
over the bonnet of a car as a low flying plane goes over


War Hero
watch out for sparks when in front of the fire - they can really put you of your stride ;D ;D ;D


that would be good peg as long as it wasn't a rough sea, then I'd just be throwing diced carrots over the side.
In a little rowing boat moored in the middle of a tranquil lake, with lots of onlookers - got to have onlookers! :p
It'd be the way the boat rocked back and forth against the water that'd be nice for me.  I'd get embaressed if people were watching though!  Although if shes worth it I could cope.


nah, it all adds to the excitement.
Also, the fear of being caught is great.
Once did it in a park at night and boyfriend was on top, next thing you know, there's an alsation licking his arrse and some bloke shouting 'Rover, come away from there now!'
rugby club pitch in the dark was a bit muddy for me but i was on top :) , no one watching though so probably not as exciting for me as it was for you!


nah I wasn't excited, that mud was caked all up my arrse ;D ;D
1. To actually get some...

2. To be in the middle of a Lesbian Gang Bang and discover that all those gorgeous lesbians are in fact b-sexual and so desperate for a man that my wish is there very command.

There.....I said sue me!


I'll do him for you....for lets say 20 silk cut and a pint
To actually do it too a real woman  ::) instead of this rubber b***h ive got sat next to me.
She doesnt appreciate me you know! but who cares ,she never says no ________the hussey!!!!!!!
And i dont have to talk to her afterwards, and i make her sleep in the wet patch.She doesnt moan when i finish to quick,and i can dress her up in whatever i want-today she is mrs thatcher-------thats it marg right there------------good girl---now drink it all,like a good girl!!!!! :p ;)
Wayne.....I see I'm not the only Ivor Biggun fan on the site!!!

Do you know the words to "I've Farted"?

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