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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by tiptoptotty, Oct 30, 2005.

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  1. I'm interested in finding out what people think of the CLM amber and green assessment system. If you've done a CLM course, are ambers useful for professional development? Do your units help you out to develop to the green standard or do they just sign you off without any extra work? If you've not done the course, what do you think of a system which grades you competent / not yet competent instead of pass or fail? What do the RCMOs/offrs think of it and would this afect your performance on the course?

    Lots of questions I know, but I'm a nosey bint!!!!
  2. One of my Cpls got amber in his written work assesment, and he was made to work to get signed off. However, that was when the CLM had just come in, so it was a novelty. If the unit was getting ready for a deployment, and the bloke was getting hit left, right and centre with extra work, are you going to hold him back because his grammar stinks??
  3. So amber for development only works if there's enough time to devote time to it? What about the Army's duty to develop the people in it so that when we finally all hit civvie street we're able to function well enough to get a good job? Moral duty and all that???
  4. Well that's what you get when you send thick people on courses.
  5. Pay peanuts, get monkeys...

    Are you having a laugh?? Have you met any civvies recently?? 90% are as thick as mince!!! This man is a Royal Sigs Cpl, therefore eminently employable, as you do not need top notch grammar in order to rewire a house.

    Besides, Amber in your written work would probably qualify you for a job in government anyway :wink: