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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Please move if required.

    Has anyone else signed up to this, is it value for money considering other than the priority postal element a small percentage of free Films, Tv and kindle are also within the package.

    your thoughts.
  2. Really depends how much you are likely to use it. I use Amazon but irregularly, depends on who is selling the thing I want cheapest, so I have never thought it worthwhile yet. Might reconsider in the run up to Christmas though. :)
  3. I've got it. Merely for the amount of shoes and crap I buy off there. I have also subscribed to the Tesco Delivery thingy as well because I'm a lazy bitch and if it costs me £36 for 3 months for someone to deliver smerks, fizzy pop and bread every few days rather than me having to venture into Tesco Catterick then I'm happy with that.
  4. Is Tesco Catterick your only nearest one, no wonder you don't want to venture there ;-)

    I do try however to go via Arrse as often as one can remember,at least amazon uses Citysprint (in my location anyway) for deliveries which so far have been hassle free.

    However i've yet to try out the Films & TV shows although it'll be tested very shortly.
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  5. I use to use quite a bit...but back in the U.S. - it was free for us student types (or those still with a student ID card :)). What more can you ask?

    I did use it here in the UK a couple of times as part of the free trial, seemd to work OK. But again, it depends on how much you use it - if you're a frequent user of Amazon, prolly worth it.
  6. Been using it since day one.

    Whenever you get a delivery which does not arrive next day remember to complain. This gets a one month extension for each item not arriving next day. When HDNL is having it's usual off days I can craack up quite long subsciption at no cost.
  7. Nice tip Mikal,

    Well so far I'm unable to set up the Prime Instant Films & Tv shows via the ipad2 due no UK store app just US. unless I stand corrected.