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Amazon Market Place Sellers - Sending to BFPO addresses

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Crusty(LE), Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. I have just come acropper when ordering from Amazon.

    An item I ordered was £19.99 + £3.50m postage. I am at BFPO 641.

    When I received the invoice - I had been charged £19.99 for postage!!

    When I complained to Amazon, they said they had no control over the P&P prices their 'Market Place' sellers charge. The particular company had the folowing rates in their small print (which I eventually found)..

    Batsonstoys (the retailer)

    Shipping Rates
    Standard Shipping to UK Mainland
    (3 - 5 days)

    Total Order Value Shipment Rate
    £0.00 - £2.99 £1.99
    £3.00 - £9.99 £2.99
    £10.00 - £19.99 £4.99
    £20.00 - £49.99 £5.99
    £50.00 - Up £9.99

    BFPO · Standard · (3 - 5 days)
    Per Shipment Bands Shipment Rate
    £0.00 to £7.99 £3.99
    £8.00 to £9.99 £4.99
    £10.00 to £14.99 £5.99
    £15.00 to £18.00 £6.99
    £18.01 to £50.00 £19.99
    £50.01 to Up £29.99

    So I have been charged £19.99 for an item weighing less than 1LB. Parcels to BFPO address under 2KG are free are they not?

    Either way, this is expolitation - and amazon do not seem interested. I have e-mailed the company a number of times, but they haven't had the decency to respond.

    Moral of the story - check the small print especially if sending to a BFPO address.
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator