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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by TaffJ, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. I have an IPad MKI which I got mainly for the ebook ability (I have the Kindle app installed on the IPad) and web access as I do a fair bit of travelling and work in various shitholes. I live in Oz although when I buy stuff on Amazon (dvds mainly) I use the Amazon UK site on which I have an account with an Australian address.

    When I browse the Amazon UK Kindle book store I get told that the titles on that site are for UK customers only and I get redirected to the Amazon site for Australian users where frankly the selection is not as good and the cost is dearer.

    My question is: We are travelling to the UK in Sept/Oct will I be able to buy books off the Amazon UK site when I am physically in the UK or will I still be limited to the crap site? Anyone know?

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  2. Not a definite answer but I should think if you change your address to a UK one, you should be ok.
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  3. I have set up an account for kindle with a UK address and use it regularly from UAE, you have an option to download via USB which may solve your problem.

    But as GM65 says if you have a UK account then it 'should' be easy.
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  4. Thanks for the answers GM65 and S4S, I tried changing the address to my folks in the UK but the change was rejected as I assume that the credit card I used to set up the account is recognised as being linked to an Australian bank.

    I am sure there is an easy way but am buggered if I know what it is. The definitive answer will be had when I visit blighted blighty later in the year.
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  5. *cough* *cough*

    loads of books no restrictions
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  6. Doesn't Aus have rather lax copyright laws? Hence book sellers are not keen.
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  7. Yet another example of the way media companies are ******* idiots. The whole different prices for different parts of the world, varying availablity and so on is a hangover from the days when the only sort of book you got was made from dead trees. I have no doubt that Amazon have these limits forced on them by the rights holders. These days, for digital media, it makes no sense whatsoever. It inconveniences the honest - well, until they give up trying to force their money onto an unwilling bunch of dinosaurs and start to download stuff for free like everyone else.

    Honestly, it's hard sometimes not to think rights holders are deliberately trying to make people stop paying them and pirate stuff.

    Another top tip, if you do the right thing and buy stuff legally then sometimes the files are DRM'd which means you can't back them up, put them on another device and so on. It is not hard at all, following a bit of googling, to strip the DRM off and then you can do what you like with the files.
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  8. I prefer to let someone else do it for me.

    Sent from my Desire HD
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  9. I like pies me! Pork pies, beef pies, pork and beef pies, pasties. But I don't like sausage rolls much......
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  10. Auld-Yin

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    oots - I agree in part with what you are saying, but look at it from the publishers' POV. If they sell a book printed on dead trees then that is one copy and handing it round does not harm sales too much. If it is an electronic copy you can in theory buy one and then give free to the rest of the electrionic world so they are not too keen on the idea unless they can control it.

    DRM is one way and like all security, can be side tracked by those with the savvy, but it does tend to delay the mass availability. Torrent sites and de-coding sites get round this at the moment but I bet the companies are working flat out to find a way of completely blocking so one copy stays with one person.

    When someone buys a book they buy that copy, not the rights to send to hundreds of people. This must be a worrying time for publishers (don't really feel sorry as they have ripped off the punter for decades) as they don't know if they will have a business in a few years if they can't sell more than one copy of each book.

    Just my opinion - everyone feel free to attack in the usual manner :)
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  11. Whatever happened to birdseye rissoles???
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  12. Pish.

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  13. Cafe Creme... Do you 'like' all the posts, everywhere on Arrse? Seems like it.
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    Bonkers. Buy the book get the Ebook for £1. Sells books, sells ebooks and ereaders everyone's happy