Amazon Fire 7" Tesco on offer

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by GrumpyWasTooCheerful, Mar 23, 2017.

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  1. Was shoping this evening and noticed the Amazon Fire 7" 8Gb tablet for £34.05 so got one.

    Thought others might be interested as it seems silly money even if it is an older tablet but it does have a microSD socket so can up the storage.

    Just downloaded my library; beats the crap out of trying to read my ebooks on my phone.

    Edit: because of gibberish typing: been one of those days: flat battery cos left the lights on as was late, lost keys (including the school master key but thankfully found otherwise it would have been a very stern sans cafe, phone disappeared too but again found, left reading glasses on a till and a parents evening on top too -- fingers seem to have been puppeteered by His Mongness.
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  2. Good spot, Grumpy. Maybe not for me as my Hudl 2 still works but that is really cheap for an Amazon product.
  3. Good find, thanks was that on line or in shop? MIL 65th soon so a good present, 60th was VIP seats at Euro song thingy in Germany
  4. Amazon Fire | Tablets & Kindle eReaders - Tesco

    They're also doing the 16Gb version for £44
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  5. Got two of them last year on an offer at Tesco in Middlesbrough, asked for one for my wife and was told they were two for the same price........
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  6. How much? and think careful before you answer, as I have just paid 44 squid for one
  7. Seriously I went into Tesco in Eston on Teesside last year looking to buy a Kindle 7 for my beloved they had 2 left one white and one black the assistant said they were on offer at £38 and as it was the last Tesco were selling I could have both for the same price as it was on an offer 2 for 1 couldn't believe it so ended up with two for £38 hurriedly paid up and left the store as I was sure they had made a mistake but hey ho got one each.........
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  8. Good catch, well done.
  9. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    My tablet died (it may yet prove fixable). Zero Alpha saw a Kindle Fire 7 on QVC, £35. Bought it for me. Entirely adequate.

    On the other hand, three days old, I tried to download one of my Kindle books from my Kindle account to read on the Kindle app on my Kindle device.

    Spent an afternoon with Amazon tech support. Give them their due, after about three hours they gave up. "Its fúcked. We're sticking a new one in the post." A pretty fundamental failure for a Kindle.

    It was here this afternoon, when I got back from two days in London. Pressed the On button. They had linked it to my Amazon account. Enter password and WiFi password, all my settings appear, it whirrs, clicks updates and it's up. And it downloaded my book. Hats off to Amazon.

    Then I bagged the old Kindle in the new Kindle's wrapping and go to print of details barcode, return address label and "There's a battery in this box" warning.

    They might have given me an A4 attachment in the email that provided this information. But no. Click here to print it. Nine pages of single sided badly formatted email, including not one of the three items required fitting on a page. I had to Alt+PrtScr to get a clipboard copy of the window, paste into Paint and print. Three times. Oh yes and sledgehammer the PC and the printer to get them between them to purge the print queue of sh¡t.

    Memo to self. Send feedback tomorrow.