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amazing_lobster, the petty & vindictive turd.

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I've no problem with someone posting shite here on Arrse aimed at me, as it's largely anonymous but when someone takes their obsession over the line & deliberately attempts to damage my business & make libellous statements when doing so, it demonstrates exactly what kind of person they are.


There's something called the Malicious Communications Act


When ARRSE / any other social media spills out to affect your real life, it's time to take action. Be it pulling the plug, switching off, or taking it further...

In your case I suggest the latter. If someone is deliberately affecting your business - and it would appear so, I'd recommend approaching the relevant authorities. Think it through, this is not going to be resolved on this site, and you potentially risk other "hilarious" individuals adding further toxic reviews.

I'll leave this in the Hole for now, but I'd suggest removing it completely.
Not open for further replies.

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