Amazing weather predicting rope as used by the SBS on ebay

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by POGscribbler, May 24, 2009.

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  1. I've Got to get me one of these they sound brill!!!

    Amazing Weather predicting Rope

    This piece of nautical rope can give you an accurate reading of the weather, it's used across the globe by many specialists including the Royal Marines SBS.

    Hang the rope in an open area but visible from your window, ensure that the knotted end is at the bottom and that it is free to swing and not affected by anything around it.

    The Weather rope may take a few days to react to your local weather, this is normal as it has to be acclimatised to the local area.

    After a few days you will start to see how accurate the rope is, if you feel the rope and it's wet, it will be raining.

    If the rope is swinging from side to side, it mean's it's windy.

    If the rope is dancing all over the place, it means it's in a gale.

    If you can't see the rope from your window, it means that it's foggy.

    If it is covered in small white particles, it means that it's been snowing.

    Please note this rope does not work in full sunshine, but then again neither do the Royal Marines.


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  2. That cheered me up. :D
  3. AND he actually has two for sale!! one ending in a few hours and one ending in a couple of days, so if folks are unfortunate to miss one they can have a shot at the other :D

  4. Classic :)
  5. I'll give this thread a "bump". :roll:

    It seems that the weather-predictor used around these parts is the Purbeck Hills. As someone explained to me:

    "If you can't see those hills over there ......... it's raining.
    If you CAN see them .......

    ....... it's going to rain." :lol:
  6. Want that one! :lol:
  7. Weather prediction in Scotland:

    Jock 1: "Aye, it's Summer alright."

    Jock 2: "How can you tell?"

    Jock 1: "The rain is much warmer..." :twisted:
  8. It's a bit like the atom-bomb detector I heard about on my NBC Instructors' Course - piece of paper on the end of a stick. Hold the paper up in the air and when it turns black, there's been a nuclear explosion.
  9. Bloody Hell!

    Are none of our secrets safe?

    Where next?

    The next thing you know, a list of all MPs' expenses will be made public - and then where will we be?


  10. Hmmmm that Weather Rope seems very similar to the Weather Rock...

    wonder if there has been copyright infringement :)

  11. I have had a quick rummage around my misc army kit and I discovered to my delight that I have one too!!

    I might look for a suitable OP and test it if its any good, if it is It will make my fortune on ebay 8)

  12. Did they steal that from Terry Pratchett and CMOT dragon detector or vice-versa?