Amazing Video Camera Stabilizer

Looks like a bargain! At least when compared to a clunky pro-model Steadicam: [Buy one here]

But... is the "MōVI" as warry as the Smartgun in Aliens? (They used an MG42 on a Steadicam mount) ;-)
I seem to remember that the US DoD (or Army) saw that in Aliens and tried it out for real.
Excuse thread resurrection!

In April 2013, this gadget would have cost about $10,000.
Now it's on offer at $2,695.00 (£2,040 or thereabouts, plus import duty, VAT or whatever taxes are levied today).
I think it's incredible that the price has dropped so much. It's still too expensive for me and might be a bit too heavy if held for long periods of time. However, it would be excellent for flying displays at somewhere like Duxford. I live in hope....

Freefly MōVI M5

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