Amazing Quiz Style Fun!

Fooled you!

It's actually a shi1t unfunny quiz, because I'm bored, ill and a twat.

a riddle (not really)-

What is here
+54° 22' 10.61", -1° 42' 48.72

I'll give you a clue... its not Rhyl.


according to google earth it looks like a garden/field outside Catterick Garrison.
nastyberganchafe said:
Apollonia said:
The trainasium at Catterick.

Is there a prize?

No, but was it fun?

Strangely, yes! It's about 15 years since I left Catterick so I spent some time finding my old quarter and looking at the changes that have been made.

ETA: Changes to the garrison, that is; the MQ probably hasn't even been repainted yet.

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