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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by boredcivvy, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. "But it is in Afghanistan that British forces are now directly facing fellow Britons on the other side. RAF Nimrod aircraft flying over Afghanistan at up to 40,000ft have been picking up Taliban electronic "chatter" in which voices can be heard in West Midlands and Yorkshire accents"

    picking up "chatter" at 40,000 feet!

    Now I find that amazing in the real sense of the word,

    any other bits of military kit, with the same 'amazement' factor you guys can tell us about without breaking the Official Secrets Act?
  2. Yes, I have an idiot detector that's just gone off the scale.
  3. I am probaly the most amazing thing the army ever had but I cant tell you to much
    if you ever found out about me I would have to kill you
  4. TI is really cool...

    (I couldn't resist it...)
  5. any serious answers for people who are actually interested in Military Technology?
  6. One superb example for me is calling in say artiliary from 8+KM away and having the trust that it will land on the enemy's position ~300m away and not on you :).

    Just awesome.
  7. Nope. Run along.
  8. It's tempting to laugh, but the serious side of this question is that it could easily be someone from DE&S asking it. Since MoD decided the people who specify and buy technology don't actually have to understand it, the result has been continual delays and faffing around with nonsense like this.
  9. Boots are amazing; they protect my feet from sharp stones and if I polish them they look nice. In use, they're almost impossible to lose; just look down and there they are. Amazing; we had nothing like them a thousand years ago.

    Next up; the rifle, why its amazing too, and the wheel; civil technology amazingly turned to military use.
  10. Ive heard some rumours about something called a telephone. Intelligence indicates that you can use it to hear "chatter" on the other side of the planet :?
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, it's very clever. From those very same aircraft they can't only hear a great deal, they can also see a lot too. Using the imagery from those aircraft (and ones flying MUCH higher - vacuumcraft if I'm not mistaken), they have created wonderfully detailed bits of paper that allow the guys on the ground (who can't see sh!t) to see exaccerly where they are - just as if they were flying thousands of feet in the air!

    I'm to understand that not only can they see exaccerly where they are, but with the beeps that get sent out by some of these vacuumcraft, they can use a handheld beep-calculator to pintpoint the enemy precisely for the guys who fire the mortars, MLRS (GPS guided dont'cha know), arty, laser AND GPS guided air-to-ground and other clever things too.

    It's just a shame that they don't use the tracking data for the brummie phone signals to drop something heavy on the little cnuts though isn't it?
  12. Not awesome, just unbelievable faith/trust.

    And hopefully a very solid foxhole. Which in itself is amazing, because the infantry have loads of foxholes but no foxes. Where have they all gone?
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    But they can't run a RnR flight on time.
  14. I've found this keyboard thingy and it allows me to communicate with complete idiots. Hours of fun!
  15. You find it "amazing" that a radio can transmit a distance of 7.5 miles?

    To be honest, if it was a Bowman, then so would I. Luckily, it was probably a Motorola or a Kenwood, so no real suprise.

    If you want to be really suprised then google for GCHQ, or go to Bletchley Park.