Amazing magic trick

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by frenchie, Nov 13, 2005.

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  1. Sorry mate I get a blank screen

    got your second up yet ?
  2. Shes definantly there, its a shame, because on looking i am still amazed!
    Not likely,only got to see my report last week!Got lost?!?!
  3. Excellent, if there are no camera tricks, abosolutly fabulous.

    Have you seen the one where he makes the statue of liberty dissapear.

    Shame he can't make the golden gate bridge, the empire state building and the whitehouse vanish.

  4. One of his assistants looks like she has her love eggs switched to max!
  5. Mystified, dam good trick, going back for another view.

    TT - shame he couldnt make the whole dam cnut ry dissapear. now that would be good.
  6. The most amazing trick he ever pulled off was getting his orange nob in Claudia Schiffer. Now thats AMAZING!
  7. Computer graphics. The audience only appear at the end. If it really was an industrial laser, complete with the power station needed to power it, half the studio would have been torn to shreds and his clothes would be in flames.