Amazing (if correct) facts and figures

145,502 deaths today and I'm still here.....Yippee. Damn, got to get through tomorrow though, I've got a date on Saturday.


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I don't think it's quite correct. If it was, the births this year and births today would be going up at the same rate.

Although according to this site we will run out of oil in 42.6 years time and out of gas in 167 years time. But coal looks like it will be around for the next 5-6 generations to come.

Also looking at their figures, 11% of all deaths are caused by smoking or 1.4% of the total world population. Not that bad really is it?


Yes very amazing indeed ---- if correct, and with a little thourght you can see how the world, and its population will end :!: Thank you for putting that up, its nothing short of remarkable.

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