Amature shooter needs help!

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by TheWiseMushroom, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. i currently dont own a weapon but i have applied for my rifle lisence. I wish to shoot anything from rabbits and pegions to small deer. this will be carried out on my uncle's land and i will be under supervisions. there is also no dog paths there, so all should be safe.

    I'm 17 and medium height. i have a stocky build with strong arms. when i have shot before i aimed using my left eye, but i am right handed (so this may be a problem). I hope to shoot regularly but not for small deer (they are only during times of over population and i will just be helping), but i am mainly aiming for small game. also i hunt on the move when and we stalk as a pair.

    What type of gun should i get and what caliber and scope? my price range is under £800 and i'm not going for amazingly long shots.
  2. With stats like that you might want to give jarod a shout....

    Mines the one with the fur collar, thanks.
  3. i tried lots of sites but everyone just ended up arguing. :cry:
  4. Ok, what game are you predominantly going to shoot? There is no realistic option for a one rifle solution from bunny to deer.
  5. The land is very hilly and covered with rabbits; so rabbits is the most abundant game. i will be mostly shooting them.
  6. surely a decent .22 air rifle with a decent scope will suffice for rabbit?
  7. i have mostly fired .22 s but everyone on other forum sites told me a .177 is more accurate. i dont know the pros and cons of each caliber.
  8. cough
    admittedly not relevant in this case
  9. A .22LR is probably the wisest choice for rabbits up to 50 metres (yes I know it can go further). It is cheap, quiet, accurate.

    .17 HMR and .17 MachII are excellent rounds for 80 metre rabbits and pigeons etc (yes I know it can go further) and can capably shoot foxes in the hands of a good shot who knows the limits of the round. It costs a bit more, although MachII is a good price if your shop bothers to keep them in stock.

    £800 for a full rig is plenty. Get a CZ silhouette with a short barrel and spend money on a replacement trigger (about £15), a good scope (£200 for a good secondhand one), suitable for small game. Some scopes with a good name (S&B spring to mind) have very thick reticles and can be annoying for head shooting bunnies. Try Leupold. Don't skimp on the quality of the mounts.

    You should have change from £800 or a bit of money for a good bipod (harris LM for example) and ammo to practice practive practice.
  10. Don't get me started. I'm a dedicated drilling user mate, but I don't think the man is ready for that. :D
  11. cheers mate, i will look at your advise and check it all out. the reason i commented on this site is that other sites people argued on and the shops wanted to steer me to more expensive things. this sounds like a good plan. i will comment on this in a couple of weeks if i get it all and all goes well.

    final thanks and happy shooting!
  12. I'd take no chances with a charging bunny
    a .500 Nitro or a trusty 4 bore
  13. No worries, although if you want to hang around and watch this thread degenerate you're more than welcome :D
  14. lol love it and hate it when people talk about random things.

  15. If you want deer, it'll need two rifles.
    .22 and .17 are both capable rounds for rabbits and foxes (provided you know their limitations).
    Deer you'll need to go up to .223 or larger depending on species (i.e. you're into the realms of Centre-Fire). .223 is widely used for foxes in addition to rimfire. However, it's a really expensive way to shoot rabbits!

    Since you're looking at mainly shooting rabbit, the obvious first gun route is a rimfire (plus, the Police will want to see some experience before they clear you for Centre-Fire). A .22 or .17HMR is the way to go.
    It either needs to be:
    - a rimfire for rabbit/fox and a CF for fox/deer, or
    - an air rifle for rabbit and a CF for fox/deer.