Amateur transplants - have yourself a sweary little christmas

For anyone who would like a counter to the endless, schmalzy Christmas songs that are unavoidable at this seasonal time of the year, I thoroughly recommend that you download the Amateur Transplants Christmas Album 'Have Yourself a Sweary Little Christmas'.

I bought it on line and the CD arrived yesterday - too late to get your own hard copy, but I found that it is available as a download through iTunes (and £2.01 cheaper). I have no idea how to link to the iTunes store, so you will have to go on yourselves and do a search, but it is worth it even if you only listen to the 'sample' of each track. I can thoroughly recommend 'Swearytale of New York'. Just make sure no children (or grumpy wives) are listening.

And for anyone who is familiar with the masterpiece 'London Underground', these are the same people.

And if the Amateurs become aware of this recommendation, a free ticket to your next gig never offends...

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