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Amarillo Spoof Vid Mk 2


War Hero
I saw the attatched Amarillo vid. It's not half as good as the original remake but still amusing none the less. It's somewhere in Afghanistan, but where I don't know.

Amarillo Spoof Mk 2
"Join the Army....go to foreign lands....shoot some guns....and dance like an ********!"

They should have that vid (or rather the other one) as their recruitment ad.
What a waste of fcuking electric. Haven't laughed so much since I found out I'd got anthrax.

The quality of this video is so sh1t it looks like it's from Al Jazeerah.
saw that a fe months bk now, been doing the rounds for a while. i remember a mention of it being dutch, somewhere. could be wrong tho.
theres a word for it and that word is SHITE

I was looking for the original Armadillo - you know, the good one - and found a link to a bunch of oddballs. Proper trains, I can understand, even if they don't float my boat, but Hornby?!

Now if it'd been Brio...
You were right,these are Dutch at Pol-e-Khomri base,Afghanistan
I also agree that the British version is much better.
After all what the Dutch did was a total rip off i.m.o.
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