Amarillo Spoof Vid Mk 2

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by k613, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. I saw the attatched Amarillo vid. It's not half as good as the original remake but still amusing none the less. It's somewhere in Afghanistan, but where I don't know.

    Amarillo Spoof Mk 2
  2. "Join the Army....go to foreign lands....shoot some guns....and dance like an ********!"

    They should have that vid (or rather the other one) as their recruitment ad.
  3. some cnuts will jump on any passing bandwagon
  4. What a waste of fcuking electric. Haven't laughed so much since I found out I'd got anthrax.

    The quality of this video is so sh1t it looks like it's from Al Jazeerah.
  5. Others just take the train:


    Sometimes, I really worry...
  6. Sad train site - what were you doing in there Mr Mitty?

    Heres a more arrse -worthy version of Thomas and friends. Go to and go down to "talking trains". Whole site itself is an excellent source of clips anyway. Some not work safe mind.
  7. saw that a fe months bk now, been doing the rounds for a while. i remember a mention of it being dutch, somewhere. could be wrong tho.
  8. Rather lame in comparison. :?
  9. rather dull, was that in Afghanistan by any chance?
  10. theres a word for it and that word is SHITE
  11. cdognr,

    I was looking for the original Armadillo - you know, the good one - and found a link to a bunch of oddballs. Proper trains, I can understand, even if they don't float my boat, but Hornby?!

    Now if it'd been Brio...
  12. You were right,these are Dutch at Pol-e-Khomri base,Afghanistan
    I also agree that the British version is much better.
    After all what the Dutch did was a total rip off i.m.o.