With the recent round of Infantry amalgamations pretty well settled what is the score for a regular reservist on call up to a unit which wasnt his original unit?
I was 1 LI and my reg reserve call up was D Coy 5 Queens which was not even the same division. This was my fault due to moving nearby but I was thinking with attached personell retaining their own unit headress and badge such as Salonika coy having some Fusliers etc attached would an ex LI man when called back to the colours wear his old cap badge?
My discharge papers still show my old no longer existing regt so could I if called up keep my cap badge?
Its a bit hypothetical as I am past discharge by a long shot even from reserves but just curious?
I would imagine that you do not keep your old cap badge.

In the event of mobilization, you would become part of the unit you are assigned to and that would be it. Your views on the matter would count for nothing. As an infantry reservist they would send you to the infantry unit of their choice.

If you want the really bad news, if they wanted to they could send you to any unit they want to. Just think you could end up with a mobile bath unit or graves registration unit if the powers that be decided that was the best place for you.

Nothing wrong with those who serve in such units, they are needed too. However, I would not like to work in either of them.

This is where the corps have an advantage. Although like anyone else they too can be sent anywhere, they have more scope for employment within their own cap badges. Of course if you want to have the same advantage - a Corps of Infantry anyone?

I shall now take cover.
Ugly, based on WW1 experience, anyone of our age would end up in a Pioneer battalion. Digging.

I reckon the bottom of the barrel would be pretty shiney by then, though... :D


cheers mate, It came to mind when seeing the Rifles Salonika company parade and wondering if any reg reserves were called and attended what would the likelyhood of them being from an amalgamated mob and therefore likely to say sod this unless I can keep my capbadge!


Good one Alien. I recall the Salerno or Anzio mutiny of troops not being returned to their old units but being sent anywhere as BCRs.

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