Amalgamations - Artillery and Cavalry

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Outstanding, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. If we reduce both Armour and Artillery by 40%, which Regiments will be next for Amalgamation. Are we really likely to have a more simplified Armoured Corps and just lose the SP Arty?
  2. What so the RAC can have the title The Royal Regiment
  3. Somebody posted this on the RAC forum:

  4. amalgamate 9/12 and qdg - for shits and giggles

    call them the Welsh Dancers
  5. Arty - Direct and Indirect Fire + Capability to re-role

    Tanks - Direct + Capability to re-role

    The question can only be answered by the bean counters sadly
  6. Artillery merged with cavalry?


    It'll never work.
  7. Of course the majority of these vehicles will be in WFM Dry air storage, locations tbc. Only a small number of vehilces will be centrally held at training grounds for both basic and "refreshment" training by units. Given the speed at which units will be rotating through these training areas (Canada and Poland??) the vehickles are likely to get some serious mileages and MTBF times will require close control.
  8. More of a merger between RA and AAC - would help deconflict the airspace a bit better, and save on 1 x RHQ/Corps HQ etc.
  9. What? - Flying Tanks??
  10. I seem to remember a statement within the PM's SDR announcement that no combat units would be cut. This was further emphasised when he stated that no Infantry or RAC units would be disbanded. Add to that the further statement that no units currently deployed in Afghanistan would be cut and you can work things out for yourself. Of course it does rather depend on PM's definition of combat units and whether he is using the officially recognised groupings of Cbt, CS and CSS. Anyway 5 Bdes and 6 CS Arty the maths!


  11. Sadly what politicians say often has little bearing on what eventually happens. I can find no quote "that no Infantry or RAC units would be disbanded" and it would be a very odd thing to say. He did make reference to no reduction in combat power - a hugely different and very subjective statement.