Amalgamation woes

Discussion in 'RLC' started by fingers_1661, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Is there still an 'us & them' mentality between stackers & troggs or has the RLC finally bonded into a coherant unit free of such nonsence? As a SNCO at the time of the amalgamation I was amazed at the ill disciplined shower of sh*t that came from one of the 5 corps that formed the RLC; dyed hair, earrings, dope taking etc, I hope they've sorted their act out in the 21st C.
  2. I refer the honourable gentleman to the innumerable offerings on this subject, held in the archives. If your intention was to rip the scab off a healing, but previously rather suppurating and terminally boring subject, I sincerely hope you will fail. In the new climate of tolerance that pemeates the Corps, we now embrace more testing subjects, such as the urgent need to support the RLC Polo Team...........
  3. Me thinks someone is fishing for a bite.
  4. Yeah....................... obviously met me at a drugs party and took exception to my purple hair, multiple body piercings and refusal to think that folk from other corps were either superior or inferior to me in any way..........

  5. Not on this occasion, I hope time has put a stop to it:)
  6. Troggs are still oxygen thieves.....

    Will that do?
  7. Only coz some stacker has fcuk all else in his stores to steal apart from fresh air cos he fcuked up his demands... AGAIN!!!

  8. Well done. We should be finshed now.
  9. Can I join in? But which side shall I stick up for? Was in one and moved to the other.
  10. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    That the whole point we were on the other side now were on the same side…


    Another few years and you wont see the joint.

    I hope we are a lot friendlier to the REME’s when we reform the service Corps


    get over it and get on with it
  11. Didn't the REME come from the RAOC (at least in part), so wouldn't they rejoin the RAOC? The troggs just might get their RASC badges back tho' 8)
  12. REME came from both RASC workshops and the RAOC
  13. Good! got my Grand dad's sitting about doing nothing :D
  14. From that lot another 20 years needs to pass before asking the question again!
  15. There is a them and us definate, but they have nothing to argue after all any cnut can drive.

    Care to argue troggy woggy's?