Amalgamation with RLC

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Knappers, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. Today, one of the lads at Leconfield on a driving course told me that there is a chance of the Royal Signals being amalgamated with the RLC.

    Please tell me this is just not happening!!!!!

    Has any one else heard this?
  2. Don't be silly. The R Signals is a great organisation but it doesn't have the full COC to take the RLC under its wing. Besides, what would the Sigs do with a trade called petroleum operator? (Unless it's planning to take over BP as well).
  3. It'd explain why the yosser at my place has just got his ADR
  4. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    No I think you are having your leg pulled!
  5. Can see the logic as the comms in the RLC are shite.
  6. You had your chain yanked mate. Although having seen members of the RLC floundering around with LOG IS, shortly before they phone a scaley with a skillset in what they are trying to achieve, i'd suggest the RLC are trying to become the Royal Signals.
  7. I've heard something about this too.

    One of the lads from the LSR unit in my Bde mentioned it. 'Apparently' the idea is to replace all Communications Specialists with CS Operators.

    Quite literally, one afternoon the loggy Comms Specs will take off their beret badges and the next day they will come to work with Jimmies fitted! Easy as that.

    All rumour of course - but thats why we're here.
  8. Of all the organisations that could be amalgamated, the R SIGNALS and RLC would be a completely barking mad combination. There would be absolutely no benefit at all. And simply replacing vocational signallers with RSIGNALS CS Ops is a mile removed from amalgamation. Sounds like you've been "wah'd".
  9. I've heard a rumour that the SOINC was pushing for R Sigs operators to start doing the comms jobs in the RLC, RA and RE in the way that we're starting to get attached to the infantry. That was a while back now though and I don't think anyone's been posted to an RLC/RA/RE Regiment yet?
  10. What about the myriad of corps bde HQ's e.g. 2 Med Bde, 8 FEB. If my knowledge of corps and 11 Signal Bde is correct, the corps did provide ICS to these but under their old guises e.g. ARRC Med Group for 2 Med Bde. Pretty sure one of my old dets was ARRC Med Group, with the TA EUROMUX regiments providing the corp ICS system with dets at hospitals, field dressing stations, etc.