amalgamation ceramony

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stevie_The_pioneer, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. question to anyone in 52 lowland reg soon to be sixth scots

    i have not handed in my shirt or jacket to be taylored yet as i was away on recruiting weekends i required my kit and could not be without it for any period

    i just askin if flashes for the new regimnet will be issued tonight or do we have to send our stuff away to be taylored
    i am happy to apply the flashes my self
    i just will not have them on during the ceramony

    many thanks
  2. Wecolme back StP

    From what I gather you have to hand your CS95 ToS etc in to get the patches sown on in the wrong place, which is why the lads werte wearing chip poke hats the last few w/es anyway you have two sets issued one in one on.

    C U Fritag
  3. well i was never really gone

    was at ceramony last night and it was a complete farse we been practicing for four weeks for drill manouvers that were tought on day one
    we got some crazy ass speah from the co and also goot a letter read out from the princess royal princess ann
    cos she is now our royal commander
    all in all a pretty pointless ceramnony
    i spoke to the qm as well he is going to get me flashes for shirts and jacket
    my tos has been done got my new cap badge belt and HACKLE(said disaprovingly )last night
  4. Hi Stevie.

    Did you get a Flash for your Resi :lol: :lol:
  5. To be used only at night on potential recruits from another unit
  6. i got to admit u two are the funniest duo since the two ronnies lol

    i got two for ma resi one for each eye
  7. Good lad, but I dont think using your own TRF is a could idea aquire RLC ones there's lods of truckies around!