Am interested in the TA but.....

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by justwondering, May 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I have just hit 24 and am getting to that stage in life where I really need to think about actually achieving something.

    I am seriously thinking about joining the TA - the Intelligence, Medical or Army Air Corps are what I would probably be most interested in.

    I would like to know -

    Which one would be best nearest to me for training (I live in Aldershot)
    Can you get your driving licence through any of these regiments?
    Can you volunteer for overseas postings?
    Whats the minimum amount of service the TA want from you?
    My husband is in the army - so what are the chances of being deployed with him?

    I think I will go and see the TA recruitment offices - I think there is one in Aldershot - I am not sure....but if anyone can help me with these basic q's that'd be great.
  2. I'll see if I can get in before msr...

    Look here:

    Of the three you mention, the Medics are your most likely choice, the others have additional entry requirements.

    An interactive map of where quite a lot of the units are, though this probably doesn't yet show all the units:

    You can get a driving licence, but it depends on whether your trade requires you to drive. If you want it soon, then the civvy route will be faster.

    Once trained, you can, indeed, volunteer for overseas postings, though operational theatres, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cyprus, would be the most likely. For others, it would depend on which unit you join, i.e. appropriate slots.

    The chances of being deployed with hubby are pretty slim, unless you join the same unit as him and you both volunteer.
  3. Firstly, well done on thinking this is good a thing, cos it is!! no matter what some of our detractors say! just to echo the reply above, the chances of you and yours being away together is quite slim, unless your off on your jollydays in Ibiza together, or where ever young people go nowadays!!.

    Secondly, pack your sense of humour, cos when you go to the see the recruitment guys/gals they will all promise you the world, take it all with a pinch of salt and make a decision that suits YOU!!

    lastly, good luck and keep us all posted!!

  4. Unless the JHC plan has changed again (!), there should be a new AAC (V) Sqn being established at Middle Wallop early next year.